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This recipe was first started in the family by Mrs. Pappaiah way back in 1923, to act as an organic nutritional supplement for improving the immune system for new borns and the elderly.

Nutribowl can be served in number of ways

The Multi Wholegrain mix is a natural, vegetarian and homemade product providing a complete solution for your nutrient requirement. While people from centuries known as Sattu Mavu, Kanji Pudi, and Multigrain Java and is commonly known as Porridge across the world.

Coodle Nutri Bowl is an ancestorial recipe blended with 8 whole grains and 3 Dry fruits making it a potent mix with dietary fibres, minerals and calcium. All grains and Nuts are well roasted & grounded at set temperature keeping hygiene on priority. It is an

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This health mix can be prepared as porridge easily and can be given to babies above 10 months with /without milk. Adults who are on nutritious food diets can also intake this porridge as a meal (there is no sugar added). People on diet can have this as

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Take approx. 30 Gms of health mix and 100 ml of cold milk or water and mix well till no lumps found.


Add another 100 ml of water and bring it to boil (keep stirring it till no lumps found) for 5 minutes.


Can be served with Jaggery/Sugar/Salt after bringing it to room temperature.


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