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A family recipe of Nutritional Meal Replacement, since last 99 years, is now made available to the world


An “All-In-One Multigrain Pack”, that is what Nutri Bowl is all about. This Nutri-Bowl is not something very new but has been used and served to babies since generations in the Indian families, by the names of Sattu Mavu, Kanji Pudi, Multigrain Java or Porridge, around the world.

Well yes, this pack is not only for babies but for everyone who needs a proper healthy and delicious meal- whether you are an adult on diet or an old-age having digestive issues or anything. For all your problems, here is the best solution. We provide you with the guarantee of its originality and take utmost care of your hygiene.

The Coodle Nutri Bowl is a powerful blend of all the important nutrients, be it fibres, minerals or calcium, which are highly essential and required for anyone and everyone. When we say everyone, we definitely mean it for all, except the infants below 10 months of age. It is an age-old recipe, which not only provides you with nutritional needs everyday but satisfies your hunger too. It consists of eight whole grains, three dried fruits and also very well roasted cereals and beans, which are ground to a specific temperature, keeping your hygiene at our top priority.

99 Year Old Family Recipe

This recipe was first started in the family by Mr  Papaiah, way back in 1923, to act as an homemade nutritional supplement for improving the immune system for babies and the elderly family members. 

Nutritional Meal Replacement

Nutribowl recipe has been a Nutritional Meal replacement for the Papaiah Family since 1923. Here you can see Mrs. Papaiah who continued the legacy of the Papaiah Family Nutribowl recipe.