Nutri Bowl – Why You Should Buy Nutri Bowl From Coodle? - Nutri Bowl
Nutri Bowl – Why You Should Buy Nutri Bowl From Coodle?

Nutri Bowl – Why You Should Buy Nutri Bowl From Coodle?

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Coodle is here to make your parenting easy and simplified with its indigenous and innovative initiatives. It is basically an online market store, which offers healthy and the best nutrition for your babies in the form of Nutri Bowl packets. Apart from this, Coodle also provides infant gear rentals, which are truly and totally safe for your little ones. Now, let’s know about the Top 10 Reasons For Why You Should Buy Nutri Bowl From Coodle:

1. Fulfils Nutrient Requirements – The Nutrition packed porridge is totally hand-made, containing multiple whole grains and many health-beneficial ingredients, as in wheat, barley, chickpeas, corn, cardamom, dry ginger, almond, cumin, etc. Thus fulfilling all your nutrient requirements in just one pack.

2. Healthy and Hygienic – Coodle takes care of its customers’ health and hygiene. These Nutri Bowls contain good-cooked grains and nuts and other health mix nutrients to maintain your proper daily diet.

3. Recommended by Pediatrics – The ingredients involved in the Nutri bowl are highly recommended by Pediatrics for a good and healthy diet and they have also been followed and used to feed infants since generations in the Indian tradition.

4. Very easy and quick to prepare – The Multigrain Nutri Bowl is absolutely easy and quick. You just have to mix the multi-grains with cold milk or water, boil it for some time, and it’s all set to serve.

5. Easily fed to infants – The nutrient pack does not require milk as such to feed it to babies. It can be given to those, above 10 months of age with or even without milk and is highly nutritive and beneficial for them.

6. Can be used as a Meal Replacement for Adults – This Nutri Bowl is multi-purpose for sure. Not only kids but the adults as well could use these packets as their meal replacement. People who are going on a diet can easily use them for their breakfast or dinner purposes as it has no extra sugar preservatives added and gives complete energy.

7. Number of ways to prepare it – The Coodle Porridge can be prepared for cooking in a number of ways as in- bread, cake, cookies, Rotis, milkshakes, and many more. You can get it in as many ways you want, and it is absolutely beneficial and highly nutritive.

8. Available in three amazing flavours – You are getting here three different mouth-watering, delicious flavours to enjoy and they are:-

1) Natural- in this, you can customize your packet even, without nuts for if you have any allergy sort of.

2) Cardamom & Nuts- in this, the porridge is available with cardamom (elaichi) and nutty blast nuts, giving an amazing taste.

3) Chocolicious- in this, as the name hints, chocolicious is going to be super delicious with an all-chocolate flavour.

9. Available at Reasonable Price Range – Coodle provides the Nutri bowl packets, available at the best and most affordable price range, starting from just Rs. 500 and giving simply amazing quantities.

10. 100% Original – The Nutri bowl packets are true to their originality and Coodle takes complete responsibility for that as they strictly follow the policy of- “we are responsible for what we sell”

Don’t wait any further and go on to try the best, beneficial, healthy, and hygienic Nutri Bowl packets. Surely, you’re going to order more from this one. Visit the website now and get your favourite flavoured Nutri bowl packet.

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