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Daily recommended meal plan for kids

Daily recommended meal plan for kids

Providing a good diet to your kid is a major concern nowadays amongst parents. Well, a good and healthy meal is not at all about making them eat a lot but taking care of what they are eating and is that including the right amount of nutrients, required for your child. Making out a daily-basis, balanced diet plan for your kid is truly an essential thing for their proper growth and development. In today’s times, when the market has so many junk food options to offer, you need to choose, be careful and must abide by a proper healthy and balanced meal plan for them.

While creating the plan, one must keep in mind that they are preparing it for a kid, who is surely not going to gulp anything you give. It should surely include flavours and varieties and at the same time a proper amount of nutrients as well. You definitely need to cheer and go for foods from different food groups’ varieties, such as in- protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. Well, there is not much difference between the nutrients of the kids and the adults but it’s the amount of the nutrients that matter, at different ages.

A few main things, must be taken care of while planning a meal plan for kids-

  • Vegetables play a vital role, keep it in a greater quantity and try including more varieties. Meantime, remember, not to add potatoes in larger quantity as it affect the blood sugar level.
  • Rather than adding fruit juices, give plenty of whole or sliced fruits of all colors and varieties.
  • For Proteins, use peas, beans, nuts, seeds and other such plant-based options along with eggs, fish and poultry but take care of avoiding processed meats and limiting red meats.
  • Grains play a vital role in your kids’ meals, as it too impact blood sugar and insulin. Keep a whole-grain item or any food made with lesser processed whole grains.
  • Milk and other dairy products are undoubtedly a necessary source of vitamin D and calcium, so it must be included in the meal.
  • Water- While putting in everything, never forget the importance of a good amount of water intake. It has the power to cure many health-related issues and problems.

After knowing about all the major and main ingredients and nutrients to add to your kids’ meal plan, you must be thinking how to get it all together to serve your kids. Of course, it’s not an easy task at all. And here, Coodle comes to your rescue to make this too difficult and healthy meal plan to be followed and swallowed by your kids, a much easier one.

Coodle presents its super healthy Nutri Bowl for your kids. Not limited to any age group though- anyone and everyone can just have it to get and maintain a good, healthy and balanced diet. But providing every nutrient to your kid in a meal is quite a tough job and for that you must try this once. Surely, you are going to love this product. The Nutri Bowl from Coodle has all the main nutrients required for your kids’ perfect growth and development. It includes eight whole dry grains with three dry fruits, which makes it a perfect blend of fibres, minerals and calcium. We take your hygiene as our top concern and so bring to you all grains and nuts well-roasted and grounded at set temperatures. It is simply amazing as it gets cooked in just a few minutes without adding any more ingredients to it, except milk or water. It can also be used in preparing many different things, such as cookies, cake, bread, milkshakes, etc. You can serve it to your kids and to your babies above 10 months of age and they are going to love it as it comes in three delicious flavours- natural, chocolate and cardamom and nuts. Serve the one your kids love to have and here is your perfect meal ready.

It’s totally your choice how you will provide your kids all the necessary nutrients- different food items for different nutrient values or just one Nutri Bowl to meet all the daily needs. Explore the website of Coodle to clear your doubts and yes, Choose your kids’ daily meal wisely.

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