Multigrain Laddus with Nuts - Nutri Bowl
Multigrain Laddus with Nuts

Multigrain Laddus with Nuts


  • 2 cups of multigrain mix
  • 1 cup powdered brown jaggery
  • 1 Bowl of nuts
  • Ghee as required

How to prepare

  • Dry roast health powder in a pan for 2 mins or until a nice aroma starts coming.
  • Off the flame and add Jaggery powder. Keep mix until the jaggery starts melting.
  • Heat 2 table spoons of ghee in a small pan and fry nuts.
  • Now add these fried nuts and ghee in the Jaggery and multigrain mix.
  • Mix well and starts making small ball shaped laddus. If the mixture is very dry add some ghee or 2-3 tablespoon of cold milk.
  • Store in air tight container.

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